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Multi-Location Support

ClueMaster is designed to keep an eye on all your escape rooms, no matter where they are located. No more data silos in each location.

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100% Cloud Hosted

Nothing To Install. Stop worrying about being called late at night because the game master pc won't connect to the room. ClueMaster is fully cloud-hosted.

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TV Game Timer Display

No one wants to carry around a walkie talkie anymore. Delight your players with rich interactive media displays showing escape countdown timers.

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Puzzle Management

Keep track of your room puzzles, video clues, audio hints, and each task to complete them. Know exactly where your players are in the game progression at any time.

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Room Device Automation

Take your escape rooms to the next level with automation. Connect sensors to trigger automated videos, sounds, and room elements.

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Statistics Tracking

Ever wonder how many players escaped tonight? Are your new puzzles too hard or easy? ClueMaster collects this information for you.

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more than one location? No Problem!

Multi-Location Support

ClueMaster is the ultimate way to keep tabs on escape rooms, no matter where they are. With this powerful tool, you can wave goodbye to separate databases, data silos, or software to manage each location. ClueMaster makes life easier by streamlining management and giving you one centralized platform to track and manage everything related to your escape room business.

Timers, Messages, Media Clues

TV Game Timer &
Clue Messaging Display

The ClueMaster Room Controller is an easy-to-use device that can be quickly set up to connect your escape room to network sensors, relays, and the escape room TV game timer display. It can significantly enhance the overall experience of your players by providing captivating interactive media displays that feature escape countdown timers, text messages, audio and video clues, introductory videos, and game win/loss videos.
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Countdown/Up Timers
Play Video/Audio Clues
Send Text Messages Hints
Show Remaining Clues
connect puzzle sensors & devices

Room Automation

Enhance your escape room with a ClueMaster Room Controller. Connect it to our product line of dry-contact sensors and relays for automated videos, sounds, and puzzles that will leave your players wanting more.
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Connect Room Controllers

Room Controllers are small computers that allow you to connect a TV in the room for game timers and messaging. You can also connect external relays and dry-contact sensors for puzzle automation.

Use Puzzle Sensors

Connect open/close network dry contact sensors to each of your existing puzzles, doors, or props. Know when each puzzle has been solved in the ClueMaster GameMaster workspace.

Automate Relay Devices

Use if-then-else-this logic to automate relays and connect actuators, motors, lights, sounds, videos, and more in your escape rooms.

data analytics

Statistics Tracking

Ever wonder how many players escaped?
Are your new puzzles too hard or easy? What's the Win/Loss ratio this month?
ClueMaster collects this information for you.

Game Win/Loss Tracking

ClueMaster automatically records each games play statics. Follow your players progress and track their win/loss, puzzle completion ratios, escape win/loss times, and much more.

Game Play Statistics

Monitor how many games are played yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and by location & time of day.

Looping Video Players

Looping TV Video Player

The ClueMaster Video Player is an online and offline video looping system for your in-room displays displays. The Video Player is a 100% managed plug-in-play media device that connects to your room displays to loop videos for backgrounds or puzzles. Simply connect the Video Player to the internet and power it on. Your videos will automatically download and start looping once connected to your ClueMaster account. If you need to run offline and not stay connected to the internet, simply unplug the network cable, and the device will start and play all previously downloaded local video and photo files.
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