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Escape Room Management Software

Turn your live escape games into a profitable and scalable business…

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All Your Escape
Rooms in One System
ClueMaster is designed to keep an eye on all your escape rooms, no matter where they are located. No more data silos in each location.
Cloud Hosted
Nothing To Install
Stop worrying about being called late at night because the game master pc wont connect to the room. ClueMaster is designed to be fully cloud hosted.
Keep Track Of
Your Escape Games
Ever wonder how many players escaped tonight? Are your new puzzles too hard or easy? ClueMaster collects this information for you.
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Game and Device Automation
Take your escape rooms to the next level with automation. Connect sensors to trigger automated videos, sounds, and room elements.
manage your BUSINESS, don't let your BUSINESS manage you
A successful escape room is not just a room full of puzzles. Today's players demand more; keeping up with technology is a full-time job. Lets us help you with that!
UNIFIED business view

Escape Game Management
Just Got Easier!

Say good-bye to legacy software installed on PCs at every location. See how your business is performing at a glance. Bring all your escape room locations into a unified view. ClueMaster tracks your players, games, and device statistics.

"Not having to call my location managers and ask how the new escape room is doing is amazing! I can see everything going on at any time."
Katie Thompson
designed for game masters

A Custom Workspace For Your Game Masters

Spend less time switching back and forth between software and computers when running large multi-room locations. Let your Game Masters build a workspace that meets their needs, so they stay in control to provide the best experience possible for your guests.

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Setup In Minutes
Get up and running quickly with a simple to use interface.
Made For GameMasters
As escape room owners ourselves, we use our experience to build what matters the most.
Support When You Need It
We're here to support you day or night, to keep your escape rooms running.
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Simple & Powerful

Grow your business and maximize your profits, keeping your customers happy!

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Designed For The Game Masters

Optimize your GM's time with a beautifully designed interface created to reduce the complexity of managing multiple rooms, clues, and guess interactions. With connected TV display timers, send messages directly to your players. Keep track of completed puzzles; automate and manage your player's progress in the rooms. Create an interactive escape experience with video and audio triggers, based on clues and puzzles, all easily managed in one GM's workspace.

Unified Management Views

Monitor your escape room business from anywhere with intelligent dashboards. ClueMaster collects information such as the number of players, win/loss ratios, clues used, and many more statistics. Fine-tune your escape rooms with live feedback from your connected displays and devices. Oversee multiple devices, rooms, locations, and drill into the details to increase your bottom line. Wonder why some escape rooms are not selling well? Use ClueMaster data analytics to find out why.
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Automate Your Escape Rooms

Coming Soon! Use ClueMaster to easily automate your room puzzles and clues, removing the hassle from your GMs. Customize your tv displays to automatically play audio or video clues. Use automated triggers based on sensor status to perform custom actions.

Modern Technology Built From The Ground Up

We built ClueMaster to be a modern cloud-hosted platform. No need to install software locally and deal with the day to day technology issues. Our escape room devices easily integrate into ClueMaster's platform. Let us help you modernize your escape room today.
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Happy Owners, Happy Customers!

See what other escape room owners are saying
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“My previous software was getting outdated and the vendor never seemed to innovate with new features. ClueMaster is in the cloud so they can update my business without me driving to each escape room and playing IT guy for the day. It makes running more than one location so easy!”
LARRY Rogers
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“Using escape room software used to be very manual process. If I need to see how my locations were doing, I would have to use our pos sales data and a phone call to the staff. With ClueMaster I can log into my account and see how all my locations are performing, how players are doing in the rooms, and check in on my live games. It's great!.”
Theresa SMITH
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Simple Pricing Plans

Choose a pricing plan that works for you.
If you need something more custom, feel free to send us a message.


Unlimited Users
For 1 Location
Up to 5 Rooms
Up to 5 Room Display Timers
Room Controllers *
Room Automation *
Game Analytics Tracking
per month
* Coming Soon


Unlimited Users
For 3 Locations
Up to 15 Rooms
Up to 15 Room Display Timers
Up to 15 Room Controllers *
Room Automation *
Game Analytics Tracking
per month
* Coming Soon


Unlimited Users
For 5 Locations
Up to 30 Rooms
Up to 30 Room Display Timers
Up to 30 Room Controllers *
Room Automation *
Game Analytics Tracking
per month
* Coming Soon
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pricing plans. We're here to help. Oh, and don’t forget to check the FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page
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Can I trial ClueMaster before paying?

Absolutely! We believe that the only true way to see if the software will work for your business is to try it yourself. That's why we offer a 14 day free trial on new Starter accounts. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have while you try things out. Just send us a message.

What does ClueMaster Do?

ClueMaster is a cloud-hosted escape room management system. It includes a workspace for game masters to operate rooms, media displays for room timers, the ability to send text, audio, and video messages to the room on the connected display. We are also working on a set of hardware devices that can be connected to expand your escape room to automate special effects, lighting, doors, locks, and more.

Do I need special hardware or computers?

Nope! ClueMaster is 100% software as a service in the cloud. You only need a modern web browser to use our system. We sell an optional media display computer that will connect to any tv with an HDMI port and connects via a standard network cable or wifi.

Can ClueMaster display a timer on tv screens in the room?

Absolutely! This is one of our core features. Players hate asking how much time they have and who wants to use an old-school timer? It's 2021 already! Our media display will show a countdown timer, text, audio, and video clues on screen.

What if ClueMaster is not for us?

That's ok. We won't charge your credit card until after you decide ClueMaster is suitable for your location. We give you 14 days to try everything out and choose from there. If it's not for you, you can cancel your account at any time.

Will my escape room still run if the internet is down?

It depends. Internet these days is mission-critical and probably more reliable than most utilities, but things do happen from time to time. We have designed our tv media displays to run offline and continue with the escape room game if the internet connection is lost while the game is in progress. Once the internet is back up, the media display will automatically reconnect and continue where it left off.